Oven Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Makes enough for 2 to 3 servings.
Prep time is about 15 minutes.
Roast at 475 for 30 minutes total.

What you’ll need:

6 small/medium potatoes
1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/2 teaspoon lemon dill
1/2 tablespoon garlic (chopped or minced)
1/2 tablespoon peppery herb rub
1 tablespoon olive oil


{To use}
cutting board
potato peeler
sharp knife
large (freezer size) ziploc bag
cookie sheet
aluminum foil

1-Scrub the taters.
2-To peel or not to peel the choice is yours.
3-Cut the taters in half length wise and then slice em 3 or 4 times across (depending on the size, you don’t want them super thin – think bite size).

4-Measure and put the spices and olive oil in the ziploc bag.
5-Add the taters to the mix and SHAKE them until they’re covered.

6-Let em soak in the spices and oil for 5 to 10 minutes shaking them every few minutes.
7-Line the cookie sheet with the aluminum foil.
8-Spread the taters evenly on the sheet.

9-Roast them for 15 minutes. Take them out and flip them. Then roast them for another 15 minutes.
10-Let em sit for a few because they’re HOT then enjoy.


I’ve made them with and without the skin, they’re delicious either way. They’re perfect with chicken and pork chops. A friend of mine suggested added parmesan cheese to the mix. I’ll give that a try next time.


US Mess Recipe

So tonight’s dinner is a recipe that my Mom got from someone that she worked with 30+ years ago.  She calls it US Mess because she got the recipe when she was working at US Messenger.

When I was a kid this was one of the meals I’d request weekly. I mean, meat, corn, taters what more could a kid want?

1lb ground beef
1 can of cream of chicken/broccoli/celery soup
1 bag of tater tots
1 bag of frozen corn

(Mozzarella cheese is optional. I usually sprinkle some on the top.)


1st Brown the meat and drain the grease.

2nd Spray a 9×13 casserole dish (I use Pyrex) with Pam

3rd Lay down the meat


4th Lay down the corn


5th Lay down the tater tots


6th Pour the soup


Bake it for 35-40 minutes at 350 then enjoy!


Random Thoughts – January 27th TwentyFourTeen

1-Time is valuable, so don’t waste it.
2-Should I have pasta or steak at Red Lobster for dinner tonight?
3-I don’t like fish.
4-Why is society so dependent?
5-I can only help so much.
6-Simple things like saying “Hello” and asking someone how their day is go a long way.
7-I’ve been thinking about going to see a shrink.
8-I’ve also thought about going to a chiropractor.
9-I feel like I neglect my blog, even though I really wanted to start it and there’s only one other post.
10-I fell in love with and bought this gorgeous Ottoman from Target over the weekend. It’s multi-purpose (feet/sit/storage). And it’s perfect for the Family Room. I couldn’t be happier even though I paid full price.

11-Oh great, the sun is out but it’s still -2F with a “feels like” of -22. #ChiBeria

Christmas Week in Photos

Hey Guys!

I’m a newbie blogger and this is my first post.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and it’ll intrigue you to come back and check it out at a later date (maybe even a couple times a month).

Anyways here we go….


This here is my lovely Christmas Tree. Complete with Bears and Bulls candy cane ornaments.


Silver. Glitter. Star.


This year the cards were put on the entertainment center and the pretty yellow glow is from remote controlled vanilla flameless candles. A Christmas gift that I love and adore and can actually use year round.


One of my bosses made and gifted me the pretty snow-lady and her sparkly snowball. She fits right in with the cards and hangs out next to the tree.


The dining room center piece consisted of ornaments, candles, and a cute little garland Christmas tree that I bought at the dollar store 6 or 7 years ago. The runner is white lace and was bought by my Mom at an estate sale for a buck! It’s perfect for this time of year, and couldn’t look better on top of the red table cloth if it tried!


I’m a huge fan of www.pinterest.com which is where I found this awesome idea. Instead of ornaments hanging on all of the things I decided to use the empty vases that I had layin around the house and fill em all up. It’s neat, clean, and easy to put away. In this vase there’s only plastic ornaments. In the others that are around the house there’s a mix of glass and plastic. (Yes, that is grass on my sideboard.)


My nephew wrapped and taped the $hit outta this and my niece made the gorgeous bow. Inside was a beachy candle.


Ornaments were also hung from the arch in between the living and dining rooms.


I got a new camera for Christmas. I was hella eager to check it out. So this morning I got up early and headed downtown. If you’ve ever been, searched, seen, or heard you know that Chicago has amazing architecture. Architecture is probably my favorite thing to photograph. The Trump Tower and the Wrigley Building and the Chicago River have FOR.EV.ER been my favorite subjects.


As I was driving down Randolph from the previous pic spot I got stopped at the light. This is legit, hands down my fave spot in the city. There’s so much character at this corner that it’s hard to capture. This building is now the Culture Center, it was one of the first libraries in the city. Check out the etching just before the roof, and the pillars between the windows, and the window arches.


I’m zeee tallest person in zeee world. Also, partial skyline.


Dead flower / weed things. But this pic is badass so I shared. Sharing is caring. I may even get it printed and hang and frame it.


When I was walking back to the car this tree caught my eye. You can see half the skyline and part of Navy Pier in the background.


Window shot. The Shedd Aquarium, The Sears Tower, CNA Plaza, The Smurfit-Stone building, Prudential Plaza and more.


Chicago. Nuff said.