5 Pet Peeves

Hey lovelies! I’m back again! Happy Friday! (And holy exclamation points, Batman!)

I’ve been searching all over the internets and Pinterest for blog prompts so that I can write here more often. I’ve found tons of ideas. Some I like, some I’ll pass on, some for now, some for later, some that I’ve even started writing but haven’t finished. Today’s as you probably already noticed is Pet Peeves, just 5. No more, no less. I think a handful is a pretty solid number. It’ll help you get to know me a bit better. Some of these may be controversial. That’s just the way it is. Some you might agree upon, if so great! These aren’t in any particular order. Some days one is in front or behind of the other.

1 – Drinking and Driving – Just don’t. I lost a very near and dear friend to a drunk driver 3 years ago. My friend was on a motorcycle, the other guy was in a compact car. The other guy wasn’t paying attention to the light changing and he hit the motorcycle. My friend flew off, skidded about 30 feet and cracked his head open on the curb.

2 – Talking over or interrupting me – It’s impolite. If you have something to say or add wait your turn. I’ll be quiet while you talk. You should have the same respect for me. If you see that I’m already in a conversation with someone else and you butt in to say excuse me then talk over me…That’s just not cool either.

3 – Being blatantly rude – Don’t demand things. Don’t come up to me with attitude expecting me to help you. Rudeness doesn’t get you anywhere with me.

4 – Being unprepared – This is a big one for me. Don’t call, email, or text me to ask me to do something or look something up unless you have your shit together. You’re not only wasting my time but you’re also wasting your own.

5 – Cop Haters – Don’t even get me started. My love for law enforcement and the amazingly brave people that protect us runs far and deep. Today also happens to be a day that social media unites together to encourage and support the police.




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