NaBloPoMo – September 1st 2015

Q: It’s back to school time: do you love the start of school or dread it?

A: When I was in grammar school I loved it. It meant being with my friends again. It meant new teachers. It meant new clothes and shoes (That I was only supposed to wear for school but after the first week or so they were worn all the time). It meant new school supplies, new books, and a fresh start.

We used to live a block from school and then we moved kitty corner to school. After we moved kitty corner the school playground became a second yard for us. We were there until the street lights came on. Our parents could look out the front window, or the side gate and see us to make sure we were okay. If we weren’t in eyesight, game over we were grounded. And a whistle meant we had to head home.

Our school ground was huge. There was a map of the United States that we ran around and hopped from state to state on. Turns out you can be in more than one place at the same time. There was a basketball court that we used to shoot hoops at. Someone would bring a tennis ball and we’d play ledge. In 7th or 8th grade I forget which, an actual playground was built and it was one of the best things ever.

Now it means more traffic. More drivers in the morning. More waiting. More stopping. More kids crossing the street before the light tells them to. More buses to stop for. More kids and parents in stores. I almost dread it. But they’re our future so I can’t dislike it too much.


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