What I Forgot When My Morning Routine Got Interrupted

So I’ve got a regular routine that I do pretty much every morning. When things are different or I’m rushed, or other people are around things get forgotten from the morning routine.

A couple weeks ago when I woke up, I did the usual “Morning pupperoni” and smooched my tiny pooch. Then we stretched and got out of bed. We picked out clothes for the day and I started to get dressed. We went downstairs so that I could let the tiny pooch outside to do her business. Meanwhile I was giving her fresh food and water. We went back upstairs and I finished getting dressed. I gave the tiny pooch her morning slice of bacon (beggin strips). Brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, got some water, turned off the lights, closed the windows and went back downstairs.



She’s lookin and sniffin and doin her thing.

I made lunch, put the tiny pooch in her kennel (she hates rain, even if it’s a drop she turns into a vibrating spaz). Was going to turn the radio on for her and then I realized that my Mom was here. We talked for a few, I got the rest of my stuff together, we hugged, and I left.

I got 2 stop lights away from the house when I went to grab my phone to turn the mobile data on (it turns off when I get home because the Wi-Fi kicks in). I looked on the seat, dug in my purse, and felt the top of the roof to see if I left it up there. No dice. I turned around, retraced my drive thus far and didn’t see it on the street, or in the alley. Which is a good thing because it would have been squashed into pieces. I got back home, parked the car, walked the thru yard and it wasn’t there either. Went back in the house and it was staring at me from the counter as if to say “Hey, why’d you leave me? I thought we went EVERYWHERE together?” So I grabbed it and out the door I went…Again.

I got to work, did my usual work stuff and then half way thru the workday I grabbed something and realized that I forgot to put on deodorant. I have no idea how I forgot but I did. I didn’t stink, but I wasn’t running all over the office hugging people either. Shit happens. You live, you forget deodorant, and you just keep on keepin on.

What have you forgotten? Do you have a morning routine?




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