Random Thoughts – January 27th TwentyFourTeen

1-Time is valuable, so don’t waste it.
2-Should I have pasta or steak at Red Lobster for dinner tonight?
3-I don’t like fish.
4-Why is society so dependent?
5-I can only help so much.
6-Simple things like saying “Hello” and asking someone how their day is go a long way.
7-I’ve been thinking about going to see a shrink.
8-I’ve also thought about going to a chiropractor.
9-I feel like I neglect my blog, even though I really wanted to start it and there’s only one other post.
10-I fell in love with and bought this gorgeous Ottoman from Target over the weekend. It’s multi-purpose (feet/sit/storage). And it’s perfect for the Family Room. I couldn’t be happier even though I paid full price.

11-Oh great, the sun is out but it’s still -2F with a “feels like” of -22. #ChiBeria


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